ABE Mississauga Outreach Event
The ABE Mississauga Town Hall Open House with honoured guests such as UTM Principal Dr. Ulrich Krull, Amgen Canada Executive Medical Director Dr. Ponda Motsepe-Ditshego, Former Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion, and UTM Department Chairs from CPS and Biol

Have we had a busy year last year!

On October 11th media and VIPs attended an open-house event at John Polyani Collegiate Institute (JPCI), where UTM professors, Ph.D. trained scientists, JPCI teachers and students spoke about the impact of this innovative science learning opportunity, and the student’s increased confidence and interest in biotechnology from participating in this program. Speaker and JPCI teacher Nicole Anthony (recipient of the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence in STEM) spoke about the valuable opportunities the ABE program has provided for her and her students. Students provided live demonstrations of the experiments included in this program.

On the 22nd of November another ABE event took place at Mississauga Town Hall. Guests and speakers included the Principal of the University, Natasha Bond of Amgen Canada, University Department Chairs, Mayor and councilors, teachers from Stephen Lewis Secondary School and their pupils. Again, media packages were provided and media outlets/personnel invited. The pupils demonstrated three of the ABE labs in the main foyer of the town Hall with equipment supplied by ABE@UTM.

On the 4th of December Kristina Han of ABE@UTM and Louisa Pericleous of Amgen Canada attended a student assembly at Holy Name of Mary College to recognize Euginia Nicoletti as the pioneer implementation teacher for the ABE@UTM program with a certificate and lab equipment for the school (an incubator). 

On the 16th of January Kristina Han of ABE@UTM and Steve Coglan of Amgen Canada attended the school assembly at the University of Toronto Schools to recognize the achievements of one of our client teachers (Maria Nina-Soto) and present her with a certificate and an item of lab equipment for the school (an incubator).

th, 2019.  Kristina Han attended and ran an exhibitor booth to showcase the program to female students from grades 6-8 across schools in the Toronto District School Board.