Meet Our Team

Site Director

Elaine Quinn

Ms. Elaine Quinn

Elaine has joint responsibility for the overall programme and resource management. She has a primary degree in applied sciences and a M.Sc. in science communication. Elaine has considerable expertise in managing science engagement programmes for a wide range of audiences. She also delivers lectures and workshops on aspects of science communication to undergraduate and graduate students in science, medicine and biotechnology.

Project Coordinator

Anna Wedderburn

Anna has an undergraduate degree in Immunology and an MSc in Science and Health Communication. In recent years, Anna has worked in Science Gallery Dublin, a number of laboratories in Trinity College Dublin, and a leprosy hospital in India where she carried out various research projects and diagnostic tests. Anna is also the Dublin Chapter Manager for the 2021 Pint of Science festival.

Lab Technician

Leon Barrett

Leon has a bachelor’s degree in Biosciences and Certificates in Laboratory Techniques and Medical Laboratory Diagnostics. Leon has worked in various medical laboratories where he enhanced his practical skills. He has also undertaken research in educational laboratories, which involves creating patient samples to enhance the learning and practical skill of undergraduate students.