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Amgen Biotech Experience – The Netherlands

Scientific Discovery for the Classroom

ABE the Netherlands (ABE-NL) is led by DNA-labs on the Road, a unique project in which six universities and university medical centers collaborate to bring advanced DNA technologies into the classroom. Together the DNA-labs cover a broad range of subjects; health, nutrition, biotechnology, the environment and forensic DNA research. Since 2006 university students have been visiting secondary schools to teach and inspire students about advanced life science research.

The ABE-NL program allows DNA-labs on the Road to expand their program so that teachers can borrow equipment and materials—for example the education box Do you taste PTC?—to conduct science labs with their students. In addition, the program organizes national and regional professional development activities for chemistry and bio(technology) teachers. ABE-NL also supports DNA-Labs on the Road in order to increase their reach to other levels within the educational system. 


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