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Amgen Biotech Experience – Mexico

Scientific Discovery for the Classroom

In Mexico, the ABE Program is implemented in middle schools serving low-income students. These schools are located in Hidalgo, Mexico City, Morelos and the Sate of Mexico. The program in Mexico serves a total of 10 schools, 15 teachers, and 1,014 students. Participating teachers have science academic training and teach the subjects of physics, chemistry and biology in which the laboratories of the ABE Program are taught. The Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana - Iztapalapa, one of the most recognized public universities in Mexico City, is the partner university. Its Biotechnology Department is responsible for the safekeeping of materials and reagents. Natalia Mayen and Viridiana Martínez are the leaders of the program, who from Fundación EDUCA coordinate the implementation in Mexico.