Teacher Spotlight

Afaf Gros-Jean, Lycée de la Tour des Dames, ABE France

Since high school, Afaf has been attracted by scientific study, and in particular by biotechnology. At the university, she studied biological techniques as well as cell biology. When it came time to choose a career, Afaf first spent some time in a biotech company before turning to teaching and, naturally, to teaching biotechnology. Afaf is now a teacher in a high school in a southeastern suburb of Paris where she passes on her passion for biotech to students, whom she stimulates with her cheerful enthusiasm.



When ABE was deployed in France, Afaf was one of the first teachers to participate in the program. She immediately took over the labs and was able to transmit her enthusiasm for the programme not only to her students, but also to many of her colleagues inside and outside of her high school, whom she converted to ABE. Because of her motivation to serve her students, her passion for teaching, and her positive support for ABE and biotechnology, we think that Afaf is a wonderful ambassador for the teachers of ABE France!


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