The ABE Greater Los Angeles Area site of the Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE-LA) works to support biotechnology education in the Greater LA area. Our program is centered around ABE's engaging, hands-on biotechnology lab curriculum​.  Teachers receive free training on the curriculum, and once trained, we lend them the materials and provide the technical support they need to be able to implement the curriculum in their own classrooms. All training and materials are free to all teachers.  

Program Announcements

Annual ABE Teacher Meetings Make-Up Activity

All veteran ABE-LA teachers (i.e., teachers who have participated in ABE in a previous school year) who did not attend one of our annual ABE teacher meetings will need to complete our on-line make-up activity. The make-up activity assignment is to read the presentations that were given at the meetings, including the Notes pages where we have written out much of what was said with each slide. You can download the compiled presentations with the button below. Be sure to read the Notes pages along with each slide.