Materials are provided, free for charge, for qualified SF/Bay Area ABE teachers. You must have completed one of our professional development workshops in order to receive materials, regardless of your level of experience.

Order Guidelines

  • We ask that you get your orders in as soon as possible, as we will have a limited amount of time and staff to fill the orders. We need completed orders two months in advance at the absolute minimum. 
  • When you submit an order we will contact you to confirm and ask any follow up questions within one week. Your order is not considered complete or in the queue until all of our follow up questions have been answered. 
  • Equipment kits are still available on a first come, first served basis, but remember you aren't in the queue until we have a complete order. Please remember that if you are doing the Complete Series you can reserve the kit for three weeks, for the Abridged Series it's two weeks. This also applies to book sets, column sets, etc. Make sure you check your school calendar for things like holidays, Spring Break, etc!
  • Each teacher must submit their own order.

Order Form (non-ESUHSD)

Orders for the 2023-2024 school year are open. Please contact us for the order form. 


  • ESUHSD teachers, please contact us for your district specific order form. Please arrange your equipment through your district/schools.
  • Please coordinate with other teachers at your school and submit your orders together for the same time frame (or sequential times) if at all possible.