ABE France

ABE France is led by the Department of Biology at Ecole Normale Supérieure. The Ecole normale supérieure is a higher education establishment, that is strongly involved in teaching and training students and young researchers at all levels. The science done at IBENS covers four major areas: genetics and genomics, cellular biology and development, neuroscience, ecology and evolution.

ABE France collaborated with officers of the French Ministry of Education to adapt this programme to the French curriculum.

As part of the adaptation and implementation of the ABE program in France, professors of biology and biotechnology will attend ABE trainings in DNA manipulation and protein purification experiments at the ENS. They will then borrow the materials and reagents to train the students in their high schools.


Through the ABE program, students will use modern biotechnology techniques and tools through genuine experiments, carried out daily in laboratories. They will understand their nature and potentialities, but also, they will discover the pleasure of manipulating, understand that these up-to-date techniques are accessible, and hopefully they may eventually pursue careers in the sciences.

Map of the schools involved in the 2019–2020 edition:

Participating High Schools



ABE FRANCE supports science teachers by providing training workshops that supply educators with the skills and confidence to transform the science classroom experience for students.

Every year, 18 new teachers will attend a 2-days practical training mid-July at the Ecole Normale Superieure.

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ABE provides teacher professional development, curriculum materials, and research-grade equipment and supplies.

Free of charge for teachers to borrow the equipment and consumables needed to carry out experiments.

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Curriculum Resources

AMGEN supports free online science education platforms and provides high-quality science resources available to students and teachers.

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